The Tailors Secret (2006) - Composer

The mysterious woman will excite unrest... And start a dangerous game....

The story takes place in Belgrade 2014. Tailor (Goran Šušljik) lives alone in a large, ruin apartment. He afraid of contact with the outside world, from which is separated by cumbersome door locks. The only contact with the outside world in apartment is a window of the building across, where taylor occasionally observe dancing girls from the neighborhood.

Occasionally he has visit of beauty (Marija Vicković), a femme fatale which he's in love. She is a dangerous woman that played with a tailor like a toy. He sews for her beautiful red dress, and she in exchange gives him providing expressions of love and gratitude.


Director: Milos Avramovic

Writer: Milos Avramovic

Stars: Goran Susljik, Lazar Ristovski, Marija Vickovic, Dragan Micanovic