Tribute to Olivier Messiaen

Multimedia project inspired by French composer, Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) monumental work for piano solo "catalogue d'Oiseaux". Composed between 1956 and 1959, "catalogue d'Oiseaux" (Catalogue of Birds) occupies a unique place in the entire piano literature and the life of Messiaen, who considered himself as an ornithologist and composer, and the birds of the greatest musicians.

Music is supported by visual work created by Ana Mihailović and Miroslav Savić (graphic animator). Further, visual elements are in function of depicting poetic text, which Messiaen wrote for each bird. Original text was translated-prepared and narrated (pre-recorded off) by Irina Dečermić.

Tribute was premiered in Belgrade on the 13th December, 2008 at the Kolarac Concert Hall, to the centenary of the birth of Olivier Messiaen. Pianists Uki Ovaskainen, Darije Sebić, Aleksandar Marković, Vlada Gligorić and Neven Šobajić participated along with Irina Dečermić, author and holder of the project.


Not so seldom do multimedia projects disturb and distract a listener from music, while in this project we experienced the highest level of combining and synchronizing different forms of art in one harmonious entity.

Six pianists performing each bird (composition) completely subordinated their sensibilities to Messiaen, so that the character of the composer and not the performer came to the fore.

Irina's quality of sound, harmonic colours, brilliant dynamic contrast evoked Messiaen’s poetry with great subtlety and her inspired translation of Messiaen’s text made this event into a rare and memorable occasion.

Gorica Pilipović, Radio Beograd