Piano Trio no.2 in e minor Op.67 - Dmitry Shostakovich

"Piano trio op.67 was written in memory of the musicologist Ivan Sollertinsky who died on February 11th 1944 in Novosibirsk. The trio ends with the initial Jewish motif, disappearing into nothingness, like a question mark about the fate of the whole nation. It was the courageous act on an artist who dares to tell the truth and who, for this, in four years' time would be condemned to silence."

Rostislav Dubinsky

Irina Dečermić, piano

Manja Ristić, violin

Ivana Grahovac, violincello

Music DVD

Production: Eye to eye

Filmed at Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade in July 2008.

Milan Tvrdšić: Director, Director of Photography

Marko Glušac: Editor

"Words cannot express the calamity that struck me... He was my best friend, the dearest of them all. It is to him that I owe what I am today"

wrote Shostakovich.