Irina Dečermić – Love & Death (2018) - Author and actress


The music stage performance, Love and Death, deals with theme of female destiny and female principle in the love and death.

Through three stories, triptychin the form of the stage-music-painting expression, this subject is explored using three different women out of the European literature and different epochs in the span of three centuries.

This theme, love and death, will be decomposed through expression itself – the form, into three contours of the narration: the word, music, picture. They complement each other and create independently, each for itself, a specific structure and authentic theatrical expression.

This rare stage form, where the narrator (the actress) is, at the same time, a music interpreter, is additionally dramatized and individualized by the allegoric destinies of three characters that finally became one personified Woman.

This music and poetic matrix will be performed for the first time.


It thrills my senses, the measure Irina Dečermić has achieved in everything, and maybe it holds the key! Culmination of success is recognized upon such measure. It means that the artist is simply present here, just here, and fills the space by herself. This relentlessness is so gorgeous. It is possible only when an artist is confident, deeply confident, in the maximum she is giving. This unique artist first transfers that peace to the audience in the hall, the peace - meaning that there is no anxiety or fear, but just reliance that there is opening something of quality, authentic, filled, richness and settled, same as her entire image . This is something that supports each flicker in her voice – enables access to the audience, collusion with her without any rest.

Zlata Kocić

Merging all her talents Irina Decermic made an unforgetrable theatrical happening. Liszt’s Lenora was masterly performed..A task almost impossible to even imagine a performer to dare. Play Liszt and recite poetry at the same time. Her performance was dramatic, exciting, yet at the same time, subtle and delicate. Her performance of Cvetajeva’s demanding and long poem was truly inspiring. Deep and touching. Such poetical moments are so rare, and I sincerely thank her so offering us such a rare gift.

Gorica Pilipović - RTS (Serbian Radio Television)